Assessment Tools & Treatment Approaches

In an effort to support exemplary care for people with arthritis in British Columbia, the Mary Pack Arthritis Program (MPAP) provides resources for physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, nurses, and people with arthritis, according to the terms of use.

Provinicial Knee & Hip Arthroplasty Collaborative

The BC Arthroplasty Collaborative is committed to improving joint replacement care and surgical access for British Columbians. Through the combined efforts of teams from around the province, we hope to improve quality of care, patient outcomes, flow through the system and reduce wait times for hip and knee replacement surgery. The BC Arthroplasty Collaborative has tools and professional education materials that you can access at the following site: Provincial Knee & Hip Arthroplasty Collaborative

Tools & Treatment Approaches by Discipline

Physician & Nurses

Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy