Join the Arthritis Patients’ Advisory Committee

The Mary Pack Arthritis Program (MPAP) has created an Arthritis Patients’ Advisory Committee (MP-APAC) that will make recommendations and suggestions on issues that affect the consumers that they represent.

The specific functions of the MP-APAC are as follows:
1. To advise the MPAP Strategic Planning Committee on priorities for the direction of future programs and services.
2. To offer suggestions and ideas for improving existing programs and services.
3. To identify and present issues of concern to the community for MPAP consideration and/or action.

We are looking for people with arthritis living outside the Lower Mainland who are interested in sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences and who meet the following qualifications:
• Fluent in English and resident of BC
• An understanding of the health system in BC and/or the services at MPAP
• Skillful at working collaboratively
• Passionate about improving services
• Level-headed and thoughtful

For more information, please contact Paul Adam