Volunteer with us: Join the Mary Pack Arthritis Patients Advisory Committee

The Mary Pack Arthritis Patients Advisory Committee (MP-APAC) works closely with the leadership team at Mary Pack Arthritis Program to ensure that the patient’s voice is represented in decisions about our programs and services.

The specific functions of the MP-APAC are as follows:
1. To give ideas to Mary Pack leadership about how to improve existing programs, or the need to develop new programs.
2. To provide feedback to Mary Pack leadership on proposed changes to programs and services.

3. To provide the patient perspective during discussions and participate in decision-making with the Mary Pack leadership team.

We are looking for people with arthritis or caregivers to people with arthritis living in the Lower Mainland or across BC who are interested in sharing their knowledge, skills and experiences and who are:
• Able to read and write in English
• Have an understanding of the health system and the services at MPAP
• Able to work well with others
• Level-headed and thoughtful

For more information, please contact Brenda McKnight at Brenda.McKnight2@vch.ca